OTT Scaffolding provides scaffolding services for both domestic and commercial projects.  We take pride in the level of service which we deliver and never cut corners when it comes to health and safety.  Please see a list of some, but not all of the services which we provide:

  1. Commercial scaffolding
  2. Domestic Scaffolding
  3. Cradles
  4. Scaffolding in Lifts
  5. Scaffolding Hoists
  6. Scaffold Alarms
  7. FREE advice
  8. Temporary roofing (Tin Hats)
  9. Support Scaffolding
  10. Any type of required scaffolding

Any service we provide is done so with the utmost skill by trained profesionals and we design it to be the least intrusive on the eye.  Because of this we can be grateful that our loyal customers have kept us going for over 20 years.

Call us on: 07903 614937