Scaffolding in Surrey

OTT Scaffolding, reputes as the most reliable and well-acknowledged scaffolding provider in Surrey and nearby areas. Our reputation goes back to 20 years of continuously satisfying our clientele and maintaining safety standards.

Only well trained and highly experienced designers are employed for our scaffolding work, so you need not worry about quality and safety. For industry experienced erectors, scaffolder & contractors in Surrey we are the most trusted name. Furthermore, we are stringent with scaffolding legislation in the UK to ensure 100% safe and reliable services. All the licenses and other stuffs and taken care of so that you remain free from the hassles of getting them yourselves.

Commercial Scaffolding in Surrey: Why us?

• Reputation – 20 years is a lot of time and we have the reputation of providing highly reliable scaffolding on hire and contract for all kinds of construction work for more than the specified period. Our experience speaks for us and our safety standards cater to those meted out by the UK government.
• Value – As a commercial scaffolding provider in Surrey, we are available 24X7 to take your calls, respond to your queries and we even take up long term projects without grudging.
• Reliability – We are 100% reliable in terms of safety and we will not leave you with a single scope to complain.
• Insurance – We are totally insured and have all the paperwork ready before beginning any project. You do not have to do the runs. We do all that for you, starting from obtaining permission from the local council to inspecting the scaffolding erection from time to time.

If you have any doubts or are in need of additional information regarding scaffolding erections in Surrey and nearby locations, you can always contact us at 07903614937 to resolve your queries and catch up with us regarding the latest trends in the scaffolding industry. We are thoroughly updated to provide you with the answers that you seek.