Scaffolding in Hampshire

Being a trusted team of 100% reliable, fast and safe, really cost efficient, family run scaffolding erectors in Hampshire, OTT Scaffolding has 20 years of reputation to speak for it. We have improved a lot over the years and we are still updating ourselves with the latest trends in the scaffolding industry.

What makes us one of the best commercial scaffolding erectors in Hampshire is our dedication towards maintaining health and safety standards. The work of scaffolding erection for construction, repair and other purposes involves a lot of risks. Hence we use our best resources to ensure there are no unfortunate circumstances.

Scaffolding Erection And Inspection

Apart from the fact that we employ only the highly trained scaffolders to work in your projects, our designers also have years of experience to ensure the best quality products. We inspect the scaffolding before erection, after every 7 days and whenever there is an abrupt weather change.

In short, we always keep our eyes on the scaffolding erection as we feel 100% responsible for it. So, you do not have to worry about the safety of yourselves, the workers or the general public.

Commercial Scaffolding In Hampshire

It is needless to say that we are a team of insured commercial scaffolding in Hampshire and nearby locations. Besides, we take care of all the licenses like pavement license, highway licence and etc from the local council keeping you free from all runs.

You just have to sign the contract and then leave everything to us for we never let our clients down. It is our sole responsibility to make you feel 100% satisfied and we work out best towards achieving that goal.
Call us up at 07903614937 in order to discuss your project and we will provide you with a suitable quote.