Scaffolding In Farnham

OTT Scaffolding has always gone beyond the norms of traditional scaffold designing and staging. We provide products and services exacting industry standards that are hard to match in terms of reliability and price.

Employing a crew of highly trained personnel, our goal is to provide scaffold solutions for diverse residential, commercial and industrial needs. We take pride in being a full-service company, indulging in design innovation, prompt delivery, quick erection, and convenient dismantling of scaffolds.

Working as per client specifications and government laws, we aim at being a preference and not just a choice when it comes to scaffolds. Yes, peerlessness is what we are single-minded about.

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Quality Commercial Scaffolding In Farnham

Our scope of work for commercial scaffolds varies extensively. From Independent Towers – static and mobile, to access towers, scaffolds for lifts, temporary roof structures, and more – we deliver it all.

These structures come with components like cradles support, hoists, lifts, and alarms, which raise their security and utilitarian value all the more. At OTT Scaffolding we are well-acquainted with the parameters of risk assessment, fall protection, and the general measures of collective and individual protection.

We understand adhering to the strictest code of practice is of utmost importance in the world of scaffolding. This is why we wholeheartedly work towards the safe designing, erection, alteration, and dismantling of these structures.

We involve in the documented management of safety throughout the construction project. Reducing the risks and increasing the productivity of commercial scaffolding in Farnham is what we have in view.

How’s OTT Scaffolding Better Than The Best?

• Long-established, experienced, trained, and competent
• Track record that’s second to none
• Full-service, undertaking designing, erection, and dismantling
• Full liability insurance

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