Scaffolding In Camberley

At OTT Scaffolding in Camberley, you can rest assured that safety and other regulations are taken into primary consideration while designing the scaffolding.

Our highly experienced scaffolders, erectors & contractors are able to build the scaffolding as per your requirements, whilst never compromising on government legislation.

Before erecting any scaffold, we take care of obtaining all licenses (e.g. pavement licenses) so you do not have to worry about the safety of yourselves, the public or the scaffolders.

What Are The Scaffolding Rules In The UK?

There are a set of rules in the UK that all domestic & commercial scaffolding in Camberley and elsewhere should adhere to:

• Considerably trained and competent scaffolders to erect scaffolding
• License from the local council before setting up scaffolding on the highway.
• And last but not the least, the scaffolding should be checked every 7 days to ensure its effectiveness and adherence to UK Health & Safety standards.

In order to know more about the government rules regarding scaffolding, visit
We take pride in declaring that we cater to our clients’ requirements without compromising on these rules.

Why Should You Choose Us And Not Others?

• As mentioned earlier, we are stringent with all government legislation regarding scaffolding.
• We ensure speedy service and that we have the volume of scaffolding material for any project at cost effective rates.

Commercial Scaffolding In Camberley

Being a commercial scaffolding provider in Camberley for 20 years, you can trust us to give you the best quality at the most inexpensive rate.

Are you interested? Just take up your phone and give us a call at 07903614937 to get a suitable quote. Leave the rest to us.